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BlackMirror syndrome


Esta ponencia consiste en crear consciencia de cómo la tecnología está impactando y creando nuevos comportamientos, dando forma a nuestra sociedad. Lo que se puede crear vs lo que se debe sacar al mercado.

Ivanel Perez

Twitter: @ivapb
Email: ivanelp@gmail.com

Ivanel is a mix of technology and creativity. She is an Electronics Engineer by profession, Design Thinker by passion and Radio Broadcaster by curiosity. Her personal fulfillment is related to understand, empathize and connect with people, looking always for the meaningful twist.

As an Human-Centered Innovation Explorer & Strategist, she is thrilled to solve real problems. As a Tech-Humanizer is obsessed how tech is shaping human social behaviour, and as an Imagineer is enthusiast to re-thinking and improving how everything works.

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